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Little Rock Home Show 2016

Come join Inside Effects and Outside Effects at the 2016 Little Rock Home S

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Home made bread on the Big Green Egg

Last week August 27th we had our Open House and Customer Appreciation day.

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Kitchen Design

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Embrace Elegant Design with a Walker Zanger Ceramic Tile Backsplash

Tile mosaics and backsplashes can be works of art. The key is to begin with high-quality tile or natural stone products. Then you need to choose a backsplash pattern that suits your design tastes and the space and, finally, you need to hire experienced tile professionals who will do an impeccable job.At Inside… View More


The big question..."Can I use marble in my kitchen?"

I am asked this question everyday, "Can I use marble in my kitchen?". The next thing they say is that someone told them they should NEVER use marble for kitchen countertops. My thought on the subject is.......YES, I would use it in my kitchen. A couple of things to think about if you are considering marble for your kitchen countertops: 1. There is a difference in types of marble, for instance I would not consider using black or dark brown… View More


Soapstone: Too Soft for My Countertops?

The answer is no! Soapstone is not harmed by acids, wine, hot pots or pans, or other chemicals. The substance is naturally “non-porous” meaning it will not absorb other substances. Although the stone does not need a sealant for protection, some homeowners choose to use oil to enhance the rich, dark color of the soapstone. Soapstone is the go-to choice for science labs because of its durability and little-to-no maintenance. Because it’s… View More


The Difference in Quartz and Natural Stone

Brief Description: Granite and Marble slabs are quarried directly from the earth in large blocks that are later cut down into individual slabs. Quartz countertops contain crushed quartz (93%) and a resin (7%) to create a very strong countertop material. Which type is best for you? Quartz countertops are non-porous so they don't require any sealing. They are… View More

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