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Little Rock Home Show 2016

Come join Inside Effects and Outside Effects at the 2016 Little Rock Home S

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Home made bread on the Big Green Egg

Last week August 27th we had our Open House and Customer Appreciation day.

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Soapstone: Too Soft for My Countertops?

The answer is no! Soapstone is not harmed by acids, wine, hot pots or pans, or other chemicals. The substance is naturally “non-porous” meaning it will not absorb other substances. Although the stone does not need a sealant for protection, some homeowners choose to use oil to enhance the rich, dark color of the soapstone. Soapstone is the go-to choice for science labs because of its durability and little-to-no maintenance. Because it’s non-porous, soapstone is bacteria resistant; therefore soap and water is all that’s recommended for cleaning. Soapstone is a soft stone so scratches and nicks may occur if cutting directly on the surface. A quick sanding will usually buff out any imperfections- no expert required! There are a variety colors in different shades of gray- some having green or blue undertones.

Soapstone after applying mineral oil (left) and soapstone in its natural state (right).

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